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A Boy In Black Leather

The Waterboys

Jackie was one of the crowd
Who hung out at the Cross Keys Hotel
She was a real bright kid,
Thought I knew her pretty well
Beach parties at night
We ran down town in the day
Till a boy in black leather
Came and took Jackie away

We were all in The Keys one night
Sitting, laughing and joking
Billy'd got himself a new job
Ros had given up smoking
I was crazy for Jackie
I was almost ready to say
When a boy in black leather
Came and took Jackie away

He was standing at the bar
When I went up for a drink
Then he and she just started talking
I didn't know what to think
Billy pulled me into an argument
About the big bad world today
I looked up and a boy in black leather
Was taking Jackie away

After that things began to get dull
I took up with Billy's sister Molly
But that got really kicked on the head
When she upped and went to college
I got to thinking about Jackie
And as Autumn moved into grey
I thought about a boy in black leather
Who came and took Jackie away

Then this month I saw her
The girl I knew had all but gone
Tight jeans, mohair sweater
Her hair was chopped off peroxide blonde
I crossed the road towards her
Thinking of something to say
When a boy in black leather walked over
And together they hurried away