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Break Her

Waka Flocka Flame

Brick Squad monopoly (ugh)
You know I'ma break her
Bitch come and choose up!
I just be on hard mayne
Me and old Gucci Mane

[Waka Flocka Flame]
Shhh, be quit, shhh, be quiet
She talkin like you wired, her ass think she hired
Take you to a place real private
Vick you down and let you suck my private
I have no feelings - I'm a cold hearted nigga
You might catch me wit'cha sister, autograph my picture
I won't never kiss her, pills weed and some liquor
He might fuck 'round the liquor, I'm gon' get her Visa
You know I'ma break her, I don't hear no cake bruh
Send her out get cake bruh, bitch be back by 8 uhh
Sunshine my money maker, TT that's my down bitch
CC got real loose from that, you would give shawty a stupid check

You know I'ma break her
Bitch come and choose up!
I done stepped my game up
Got a house outta her
She done bought me rings bruh
Got a chain outta her
I just pimp hard mayne
Me and old Gucci Mane

[Gucci Mane]
Break-a-Bitch College, sugar pimp knowledge
Skeet in her mouth and the bitch just swallowed
Give her guidelines and the slut just followed [2X]
I'm on mine, I gots to grind, my rhyme for a reason
Yo sis is a streetwalker, workin procedures
Baby bought me this, baby bought me that
Gave me a brick and I turned it to crack
Make me wanna fuck her, gotta come back
Lil' short thang with a ass so fast
Menages, massages, she too wild, no flaugin
She choose up, I po' up, I'm two up, she bobbin
I'm a nuisance, no nonsense
I'm a monster, no conscience
No option, who want it? Haters get left, unconscious
Grind in the 'rarri every day like a Chevy
Smoke so heavy that the dub man smell me
Used to let a boy named Luke get to me
In the club drunk got to fightin already

[Chorus - repeat 2X]