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Barry Bonds

Waka Flocka Flame

[Verse 1: Waka Flocka Flame]
Shoutout to every nigga fronted me a pack when I was fucked up
Always been a gunner, my nigga, never ducker
Bet she wanna ride with a nigga like me
And she wanna hang and smoke with me
Man I love when the crowd recite every lyric
Rappin from the heart, rappin from the spirit, know the Lord hear it
Grandma gotta eat, I gotta get it
What they talkin bout we livin'
Waddup lame, what it do bustas
Know y'all don't like us but your girls wanna fuck us
My gangstas on E, so I'm pimpin
Nigga what you drinkin, what you sippin
Most my niggas blood, some crippin'
Out in Chi-Town with some real GD's and some VL's
Gangsta worldwide with this shit my nigga can't you tell
Some say "Crime don't pay," it's hard to tell
Niggas said they want my chain, eat the shells
Thank God for the Shells and Citgo, Chevron and the Ammaco

[Hook: ASAP]
I be on my Maserati boss shit
Top down in the winter
Middle of the summer but it's feeling like December
Yeah, I wake up in the morning with a bitch I don't remember, I'm a winner
So my whole team start
Ballin like I'm Barry hitting bitches out the park, home run
You better get your own son
I'm on now, and I'm on one

[Verse 2: P Smurf]
I thank God for another one, then roll another one
Hit my connect up, tell him I need another one
King size bed them sets of double Ds in it
Nigga the condo smellin like a weed clinic
Room 1017 that's at the top nigga
Smokin Grade A while I'm getting topped nigga
BSM the new Row, and I'm Pac nigga
Stomping niggas out in the lobby, me and Flock nigga
I love my squad
Money over bitches I love my mob
In a four door Porsche with a hip-hop vixen
And the diamonds in my charm clearer then KY Mixing


[Verse 3: ASAP]
I rubberband the work so you know a nigga stretch it
And if she stepped on we just call that bitch neglected
Whip it like a slave, all white, I'm a racist
Running for the money like a horse when it races
Cash on my mind, money on my mental
Cocaine ? I bring it back like a rental
Look me in my eyes, can you tell me what I've been through
I've been to hell and back, I've got some passes I can lend you
Chef up in the kitchen, but this ain't Benihana's
But I'm working two Pacs, I call 'em baby mommas
Verses the new [?] she go in labor
I'm tryin to make a profit so I cut it like a razor