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[Refrain - female singer:]
My rhymes and my beats is bonafide
my crew and my DJ bonafide
anything he play bonafide


I said, hiphop, that put that on backlight
East pack, Es on back
Well I, eat tracks like you ain't never seen
Sewed like a seam, I'm better denim, I'm jeans
Can't stop how I rock the Republic
They ain't like go-go until I supplement
When I'm up against odds like even numbers
C B Steven Wonder
I beast on beats, feelin' to eat up something
Book brought that, I can feed my hunger
The feed been waiting, Tabi my brother
And them whack MCs better pay us double
Makin' money, I'm a poster child
I don't pose like most of 'em focus now
I ain't thug, I'm young, I'm supposed to smile
Hip-hop my flow, b-bonified

[Refrain x2]