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Somewhere blowin loud floating low dreaded out
Love a dark sister but ran through lights like medic routes
Who here compare to Ralph
Blacks by the double
Kilimanjaro I get high by every pair I mount
I’mma let that bitch breathe fucker
And I’m doing fine but them suits lined and I see you suckers
Fear not I’m you cicadas bitch I’m still buzzin
And my wrist rocky cause I beat up a little clubber, too
Making moves with that made crew, shoot
And to think that I almost did trade school
Now I kick that Liu Kang mixed with Wayne Rooney
First album sleepers, but second album groupies
I’m’ bout to show you broke, my next one a movie
Cause third times the charm, that’s word to Sam Bowie
And my ego will not change
But this shit so wack and the chips must stack, there will be no Frito Lay
Ok, I’m winning competition who is it?
Ralph in that new edition and that’s no Ralphy?
All my posse official and my policies simple
Keep your faith in your God, family over the business
Here niggas be at odds and get even with pistols
Ed Hochuli nah, my partners is more official
And I’m at that mall again, balling for that shit I been through
And that large grip is just small shit, like that shit from Shih Tzu
My pencil a genzo to everyday people when due
Got a nice crib but I’m outstanding like Mr. Wendal