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Black Flowers

Yo La Tengo

You can take what you can get
I forgive but I forget
You can never sleep enough
And your alarm is going off

You wake up and you can't pretend a dream was just a dream again
Won't you dry your eyes?
But it doesn't matter anymore, you did just what you did before
Until you realize the words go la la la la la

You can dip your brain in joy
When you find the real McCoy

When some pretty boys with skinny ties, black flowers and Valentines
Try to take you home
Do you recognize that I have stopped before you get too high
On your own supply, singing la la la la

You want it, you got it, but you can't take it home
You've got a long way to go
I wait forever to say that you will
You have a heart to show

Honey, you don't have to stay inside, don't have to run, don't have to hide
Come and dry your eyes
You know you can always change your mind, maybe I will too in time
Once we understand no one understands at all

Singing la la la la
Singing la la la la