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Avalon Or Someone Very Similar

Yo La Tengo

Avalon, how did these things happen?
Avalon, tell me all you know
The perfect crime, we laughed about it,
laughed the whole night through
When we were caught, it was because of you
Talkin bout all that we once knew

Avalon, the clock is falling back now
Avalon, we'd be if we could
You used to say "the water's fine, nevermind the view"
I didn't mind as long as I have you
Talkin bout all that we've been through

Somedays, somedays we might be tired of being tired
We claim, we claim to be one of one of one

We didn't know the things we said
Would turn out untrue
The day would come when I'd be somewhere new and what about you
Times have changed for me and times have changed for you, for you
Talkin bout all that we once knew