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Black Talons

Young Buck


[Whoo Kid:]
Can't forget Marcus, Interscope
Come on
Welcome To The Hood Volume One
Young Buck
Comin' Straight Outta Ca$hville
Come on

[Verse 1: Young Buck]
When black talons come you'll be duckin' and runnin'
You see me pissin' in public
Pourin' liquor for niggas
I'm a thug and I know what I ain't plannin' on living
May the lord be my witness cause I done did it before
The rap game like the dope game you get it and go
Even the elderly folks pack steel
They old and can barely walk but still ready to kill
Nobody talk cause loose lips
Ain't shit
Ain't no age limit if you slip
You clip
Go straight for the brain with it
My father'll be a murder case and ask if son did it
Catch me if you can these are the days of our lives
Sleep with a AK ride with a 45
Real killers celebrate
When they see the yellow tape
Empty the clip in the sky happy about a murder case
Feds comin' questioning niggas for ours
Talkin' bout they got dogs and bust the house around them
Not to mention I'm ridin' around in a white O.J. Simpson mini van
My cousins act like I ain't give a damn
I got a good mind just to give a nigga pain
Puttin' one in mine put one in your brain
Either way it goes somebody gonna die tonight
Like them snipers in Virginia hit you niggas out of sight