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B Sensor

Young Thug

[Hook: x2]
Moment of truth these hoes the truth
Get behind them closed doors no tellin' what they gone do
They'll lie to him She'll lie to you
She'll lie to herself she don't need no proof

Shawty way way out of your league
She'll fuck yo main man & get you something ta eat
That's why I fuck her like I wanna I fuck her like I wanna

[Verse 1:]
Fuck Her like I wanna you know she a goner
Hit that bitch one time and pass her to the homies
Now she can't stay off of me she like a Piranha.
And she say I taste sweet like the candy called Mamabas
I taste like bubble gum
Other people want some or a little or one.
But she ain't gettin' shit unless she suckin' dick or hittin' splits with nothing on but lipstick.
I don't let her smell my privacy
That's an a apology
What's yo problem B
(Blattt Blattt)!


[Verse 2:]
That bitch will fuck yo best friend they'll never end
Then come home to you smelling like a bag of mid
You nasty bitch get off of me
I'm not J Money bitch I don't won't that sauce on me
Stupid Bitch even got yo momma ballin' me
Talkin' brazy like I ain't blood like baby.
Let me stop cause she keep sayin' she savin' me
From her uncles like they can't find lil haiti
Bitch you know where it is I'll be waitin' for you me an all of my friends
I meant all of my kin.
Keep playin I'll fuck all of your friends and it's goen sound like...