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Young Thug

They wanna fuck the Thugger
Alphabetical order
I chase that cash, I thought I told you
Make that ass clap like magnolia
Please don't waste no time
I won't see you shine
Please don't waste no motherfucking time
I just wanna see it, I just wanna be it
Don't play

Ohh, lil momma got camel toe
You already know
I spent a dub on her throat
Yeah I'm trickin' off these days
Cartiers 25 hundred bucks
That's nothing to a fucking boss bruh
Right wrist Audemar, Brietling on the left
I'm a stoner child, aka Jeff
Scrabble board, too many choices
Brietling, Audemar, fish scale [?]
I'm so in the air, I'm taller than your hair


Chrome hard specs,
They salute my face
Guwop a real nigga, he just beat my case
He know I got street ties, I come from that clay
I'm surrounded by M&Ms, doctor Thugger Dre
Get wicked bout them M&Ms, just like Lil Wicced
MPA, in my Bity, we count real digits
Hundred thousand pounds of midget
Seven, seven, or eight, cooked up chickens
Powder, powder, powder
Put a grammy on the table and made that bitch snout it
And you know my dough as wide as a tower
If you know you sweet, go take [?]