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Betta Watch


[Hook: Tonka]
Better watch your feddy mayn, better watch your back mayn
Better wear your vest to protect your chest, so protect your brain mayn
Better watch your slab mayn, better watch your gal mayn
Better watch your partna's partnas, and some of they partnas mayn

[Lyrical 187:]
I got a letter from the President yesterday, guess what he had to say
It seem like somebody, been talking a lot
Trying to pull the big guns out put em in they mouth, show em that we don't play boy
Round here we bleed the block syrup and pop rocks, hoes in the club jump around and bunny hop
Presidential boys 187 it don't stop, we can turn the lights out turn this bitch out
I'm what you mo'fuckers been waiting for, like the messiah coming back for more
But this time I got the tools with, and my starters off the bench
And you know, we plan to run the score
Fuck y'all niggaz that hate my niggaz, you can get the dick and the nuts and the trigga
Say it again, you can get a dick and a nuts and the trigga and a shank to the liver
Dirty Southside Houston Texas, Hiram-Clarke and Ivas baby
Via 3rd Ward, 5th Ward, South Park, Trinity Gardens, Greenspoint and Poke Island
Look at all these playas around me, thug niggaz hustlers ballers and G's
My niggaz in the hood with wood grain, stable Cadillacs make you fall to your knees
My bitches in the club with love for young thugs, that love for young girls
That be fucking em in the club, will make twenties take em and make em aware
Introduce em, to the best of both worlds
Ain't nothing wrong with going home with, two or three lil' mamas at three in the morning
Waking up cooking eggs and yawning, dipping in the stash spots and do-do calling

[Hook x2]

Slow motion is how we tip, when we feeling the groove
Bust bout nine nuts last night, and still in the mood
Young ignant dude, never hesitating to make more than I already got
Don't trip you already shot, might stand on the cutters when I flip in the drop
No probation'll ever stop me, cause by God I'm blessed
Got mo' jacksons than Pesci, mo' grass than the Fertile Crescent
Stay on note, and stay receiving mo' Wayans than Keenan
The lyrical semen, born in the morning die in the evening
Already colder than colder, still a damn thang holder
Might uh come and clear out your block, like a wet up Iraqi soldier
Jay freed it and ery'thang, bling-bling on e'ry ring
Piece and chain hang down, to my god damn shoe strings
I'm with that Lyrical 1-8-siete, and the awesome vete
Deuce shooter cocking a nueve, and myself alvete
I'm el soldado, no problem when I pop collars all about dollars
Mo' violence in Impalas we be top notch scholars, leaning with rotweilers breeded ballers
I think I'm losing my mind sometimes, laws hating rent pass due
And I can't find no pine, right now I don't mind dying
So I'm the worst cat to be around, get to tripping my hands twitching
Everytime I see a gun, (see a gun)
So ya better watch your feddy mayn, better watch your back mayn
Better be on note, cause these young folks is always strapped mayn
Better watch your feddy mayn, better watch your back mayn
Better be on note, cause these young folks pack K's in Lacs mayn

[Hook x2]

[Lyrical 187:]
Strapped and ready for drama, lil' mama think she got a fool for the dollar
I tell her bitch please, scream I could make you holla
If I pull up a semicon, and toss up a bottle of gin
Straight out the bar, and invite a few friends
Niggaz that don't mind dying, niggaz don't bar
Taking your life away, drinking the night away
Put the weed down, give the laws the right-away
Fuck you bitch niggaz, did I say it the right way
Just might see me, rolling down the highway
Real country niggaz, might call it a by-way
Sitting sideways, in a big-big body
Rolling solo, but I got my shotty
I don't really, wanna hurt nobody
I'm lying, if it goes down I'm killing everybody
Then back to the H-Town, rolling up blunts
Puffing on the highway, bang in the trunk
Blazing the skunk, drank in the cup
Southside niggaz, on purple stuff
I already know, you done heard enough
1-8-7, quick to call your bluff
Them Presidential boys, banging it rough
Y'all know, y'all can't fuck with us
Like banging a neon, into a bus
You ain't know, that's fucked up
You better make sure, your vest strapped up
You better make sure, that safety work
You better make sure, when the laws come
You don't know that was, that put your nuts in the dirt
In the meanwhile, keep your head down
When I come around, keep your mouth closed till I'm gone
Better yet, move around bitch niggaz
Cause I'm tried of talking bout y'all, in this song

[Hook x2]