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Angels And Outlaws

aaron watson

Born and raised in oklahoma the young man moved to tennessee
He started runnin with the devil chasin that honky tonkers dream
Well at some dive out on life's highway headed southbound
She was sent from up above and her true love turned his world around

God bless angels and pray for outlaws
To find a new found love for their lost cause
Lord knows she loved him despite all his flaws
And he loved her cause she made him wanna be
A better man

No there weren't no halo above her beautiful brown hair
No he never saw her wings he always knew that they were there
Lord she had this way of knowin when he needed her the most
Its like she had some kind of connection with the father son
And the holy ghost

[Repeat chorus]

Lord know it wasn't cold as hell
Like everybody thought it would be
Lord it was actually a beautiful july morning
When he and that preacher man came walkin
Up out of that tree

[Repeat chorus]

He loved her cause she made him wanna be
A better man
And he was