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christian bautista


I've been waiting for so long to see you
I never knew how good it could feel to held you
I never imagine the one person
Could ever mean so muh but then it happen
Just like I prayed for a blessing from above

There you are what a creation, Needed my patience
Deserving all my time, Deserving all my time
So beautiful what a creation, simply amazing instantly changing my life

I realized everyday, I need you I really do
And If it always through, I still want you
And you'll always be, the whole world to me
The God's precious gift, everytime you smile, every single kiss
I'd give my life for this

[Repeat Chorus]

And I just wanna hold you, And never let you go
And now that I have, Baby I won't take you for grantd
Here's why you're the greatest thing, That has happened in my life

[Repeat Chorus]


Simply amazing instantly changing my life