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Now you don't know me
Like a man above and a five below me
You cannot catch me, cannot hold me
You cannot stop, much less control me
When it rains, it pours, when the flood gate's open
Press your shoes, I press it ok
When it breaks your doors
Say it's all you can take but it takes so more
Cuz I know what its like to test faith
Had my shoulders pressed with that wave
Still up strong in spite of that hate
Night gets dark, its right before dawn
What don't kills you makes you more strong
And I've been waiting for it so long

I split it slow so these kids to know that I'm talking to em
Give it back to these damn critics since I get to em
I'm like a dog with a little bit o' pop influence
I screw it
Don't give a fuck, caught you bitches rocking to it
You motherfuckers could never do it like I can do it
Don't even try, you'll look stupid, do not pursue it
Don't ever bring your life try to knock it to us
I split the innocent and every how've be drafting to us
So take your time this isn't the sound that comes six on the clock
Listen to the sound that came as you lick on the cock
Listen to the sound of spilling the heartless pain
Motherfuckers know that I'll never be Marshall again
Full of controversy and still I retire in my jersey
To the fire inside, doused and inspired at thirty
Don't need mercy, not any more but these rappers curse me
Put the crux of authorities in the face of adversities

When the nights gets over
we keep waiting for the light that never comes
I chase that soul waiting or the light that never comes

Waiting for the light that never comes