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Gust Of Wind

pharrell williams

My heart is filled with love and care
Not an ounce of gas I would get up there
It's simple
You lift me up
The view up here I see all the stars
Ooh there go Venus and there go Mars
Something you've been through
You're from above, hey

When I first saw you I got excited
Tried to keep my composure, trying to hide it
But I didn't know, I didn't let go
Then I realize I'm trying to fight it
Just surrender, learn to ride it
But I didn't know
Oh had to let it go

Like a gust of wind you hit me up sometimes
Like a gust of wind you push me back every once in a while
Like a gust of wind you remind me there's someone up there
Who ushers in the air I need to power my sail

When I open the window
I wanna hug you, 'cause you remind me of the air
I said it yeah
'Cause when I'm feeling real low
I remember I love you
I put my hands in the air
And you are there

With your love I can board the skies
Riding away that electric ride
Mothership OTHER, can I stow away?
Colorful wings of the northern sky
Is the closest thing, and here is why
'Cause we're color, you blow me away

I need it like I'm breathing
Who cares if they don't see it?