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Just For Fun

wade bowen

Let’s go out for the evening
Let’s see what we can do
Let’s see what kind of trouble
We can get into
Let’s go out dancing
And party all night long
It’s just me and you baby
From now till the break of dawn

I don’t know why, I don’t know how
But we’re gonna get it done
We’re gonna have the best night of our lives
Just for fun

It might get a little crazy
It might get wild at times
I might even try to kiss you
Oh, if you don’t mind
There’s just something about you
That makes me feel so good inside
Lord it’s a feeling I just can’t deny


I’ve got on my cowboy hat
I ain’t worn it in awhile
I’m trying to do everything babe
Just to see you smile
Let’s go sit by the jukebox
Put it on song number 29
I know it’s your favorite
And you know that it’s mine