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In My Business

waka flocka flame

Yeah I stay busy, stay out my business
Cause I ride Benzes, ay that's my business
See all my lenses, are dark blue tinted
Cause I don't LIKE people in my business
In my business, I run my business
If ain't 'bout business, then I'm not listenin
In my business, I run my business
If ain't 'bout business, then I'm not listenin

[Gucci Mane]
If it ain't 'bout paper, there ain't no convo
See I ride scrapers, and y'all ride Volvos
But that's my M.O., I go where you won't go
I smoke what you cain't smoke, I'm rich and you're flat broke
See I'm not a blogger, and I'm not a jogger
I'm more like a mobster, just call me a baller
A Chevy Impala, sittin on them 40 O's
I got a lot of things but I owe 'em to Sergio
Gucci's a hustler, and he got clientele
Always got somethin to sell, just pullin your coattail
You hate me then oh well, I checked out a hotel
But now I get fan mail, my game at a stansstill
I checked out a hotel, you hate me then oh well
But now I get fan mail, my game at a standstill
Go spin like a windmill, I lower than windshield
See I got a good deal, but know what the hood feel


[Waka Flocka Flame]
All I know, I'm one real nigga (Flocka)
Grew up 'round robberies and drug dealers
Dutches no Swishers, I'm the new God Fisher
Can't be Nino Brown cause that fuck nigga snitchin
Catch me on the Grove, chillin where it count
It's not just metaphors, pussy nigga you don't trap
Why they in my business? My name rang bells all through prison
They run up in my house cause they heard a nigga pitchin
Bitch that's my decision! Why you worryin 'bout me?
24 years old, I'm a fuckin O.G.
Riveralde in this bitch, young and rich, macaroni bitch
Two-door 6 B watch me shift, touchdown ref get off my dick
Middle finger when I see the (folk) fuck police
I got your salary hangin off my neckpiece
And to every nigga don't like me may you rest in piece
When I die label me a motherfuckin beast


Uhh uhh, they goin for 30, just sold 20
Got pajamas on, and I still feel like money
(This what I do!) Tied this down, my new hoes 20
The Beemer made me look 30, the Benz on 20's
Hell she talkin businee and lookin for it, you got any?
The L stash smash well hurry hurry bring plenty
(Bring it all) The full truck gank came we hungry in the streets
This dry town ain't rained for weeks
I'm still posted in the paint, try and stay on my pivot
I might travel in a minute, they better hurry and send it
(I'ma come get it) We independent, you talkin business nigga I'm listenin
A couple of commisary digits nigga to talk business