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Rainy Dayz

waka flocka flame

[Verse 1: Waka Flocka]
I look like him, I talk like him
I dress like him, I smoke like him
Drive cars like him, fuck ho's like him
Fuck nigga's don't really like him
Ball hard, rock ice like him
Recruitin' goons, shoot good like him
Boosy nigga, you ain't hood like him
Bad bitches, I one night em'
My Yacht Master is iced out
Play with me, then it's lights out
Bad bitch pull the pipe out
Bend over with that pussy out
My side bitch, she Persian
Pussy tight, like a virgin
Hair long [?] eyes curvin'
When we hit the mall, we splurgin'
Pulled off I'm spuring
5 star like Birdman
Since racks and Neiman Marcus, I'm ballin, Julius Erving
Bad Cadillac's and Suburbans, black Cadillac's and Suburbans
Through traffic they swervin'
Black tints and lerkin'

No clouds, but I bring lightening
I'm just like him, that's why the crowd like him
Yeah that style, screamin by yourself
Phantom Ghost, frightening
You need to call a psychic
This sniper rifle shoot so long
If you ain't dead, nigga hold on
This molly juice got me so gone
You say you're right, but you're so wrong
Just like him, I wanted to be, but that was so long
Shots fired, man down
(Paramedics said) Hold on

[Verse 2: Waka Flocka]
I got albums like him, got hits like him
I'm a boss like him, rock shows like him
Critics hate him, but the fans like him
Broke ho's don't really like him
Open doors like him, build labels like him
Sign an artist like him, got sponsers like him
Own a clothing line, Own a liquor store with no liquor license
Keep a pistol on me, fuck a gun license
Off the brain, I ain't even writin'
Just like him, I'm street like him
Sleep on me, I'm a good-night him
No need for fightin'
Expedite him, send him on his way
[?] call me Larry Day
This, you gonna need a couple mil to look like this
OG [?] drinkin' Don P and Cris
Snakes in the grass, I done made it through the mist
You ain't talkin' money nigga it's irrelevant
Kush is my scent, and my bitch elogant
Swag arrogant, flow heaven sent
Fuck you [?] cause I did what I meant
Don't worry bout bills, don't worry bout when
Got wrist so swag, I [?]
I made you nigga's, no offense