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Seven Days Of The Week

waka flocka flame

Star ball 7 days of the week
Smoke kush 7 days of the week
Fuck hoes 7 days of the week
Rock designer clothes 7 days of the week
Drive foreign 7 days of the week
We respectin from the west to the east
Liberal nigga til I D.I.E
Getting street money like I'm Big Meech

[Waka Flocka Flame:]
Still in bars like Papa John's
Rockin ice like Papa Joe
Don't fuck with Shawty, that Flocka ho
Trap a ho jumpin like Flocka show
Sellin weed, bitch was sellin snow
Got the mollies, we got the blow
Sellin D, you got to know
I could buy some more dope, bitch I need a boat
From the Waka Flocka Flame nigga
Clique full of Chain Gang niggas
All I know is gangbang nigga
All I know is gangbang nigga
Before rap had street fame
A real nigga gon remain
You can play ball, you can book diamonds
From Riverdale, better tuck yo chain
I ball, I stunt 7 days of the week
Ball shit bout me, can't wait til we meet
Blow O's of the Cali 7 days of the week
Man I was gonna feed, if you fuckin with me
Know some niggas that squeeze when the cops came freeze
Keep a nigga baby mama all on her knees
Waka Flocka Flame, bitch I run these streets
I'm a real ass nigga, gonna be a favor


[Waka Flocka Flame]
Gon R E S P E C T me from the west east
DGBSM, all the real niggas done answer to me
Black strap, call it Wesley
These hatin niggas ain't stressin me
Some days of week I fuck some fiends
Call peso, I need a extra P
Cause I'm extra fine, extra high
Molly all in my body
And I'm kickin shit like Jackie Chan, them Louie V karate
I got a red bitchin and pussy fight
That shit hot tamale
She smart and fuckin, her head good
Like she graduated from college
Some days of week I'm getting paid nigga
Some days of week I'm getting laid nigga
Some days of week I count chills
In that lane, on straight nigga
Going hard every day, tryna slay the streets
Nigga I'm in the trap 7 days a week