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Danny Glover

waka flocka flame

2 door coupe, 400 chips
Jacob watch cost two bricks
Throw another rack cause she doin' splits
I got a bag of molly's, know she wanna lick
Make a girl kiss a girl
Turnin shit in the molly world
And then she geekin off them drugs
Makin faces like Lil Durk
Don't need a compliment cause I know I'm the shit
All this ice on me, I'm froze in this bitch
Look like I'm selling dope, nigga stove in this bitch
All these girls wanna fuck like gold on my dick
Everywhere I go boy you know this shit lit
His Rolex tickin, that nigga counterfeit
Bitch from the tribe bitch, come and free ride dibs
I only blow gas, don't fuck with the mix
Diamonds flashin like paparazzis takin pictures
I don't fuck with lames, I fuck with real goons killers all my niggas they the realest
Flockaveli 2 on the way, I see these pussy niggas catchin' feelings
That fresh and new, it's just business, I'm the illest
Come fuck with me, let's make millions