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Draft Day

waka flocka flame

I see you little bruh

[Verse: Waka Flocka]
Haha, numero uno
Came from from nothing, now your pockets all sumo
Conflicted prediction, but shhh... what do you know?
Time is ticking in that watch like a Hublot
Got a weapon out in Texas
It's a celebration hundred bottles to the section
Now the models undressin' and the dollars we investin'
Count your money and your motherfuckin' blessin's
I'm a real hitter, I salute a real hitter
Now your bank account and mama's house a lot bigger
More sacks than my partners in the trap
And all you haters and doubters can fall back
S-C, that's the home of Ben G, squad
Jungle boy, two spoons gota eat, squad
God works in mysterious ways
I just work to keep on living that luxurious way
And the jury can say whatever they please, you can't judge me
I'm the people so the real people love me
Trust me, from Riverdale, ain't too many chances
Ain't too many choices, ain't too many answers
Whole 'lotta questions, whole 'lotta stressin'
I've been progressin' back to the S and
My bank account and my bitch, a pretty site
White boys be like - Waka, dude, you really tight
Beat a rapper up sometimes I think I really might
Just to prove that we heavy and they really light
Shoutout the Rockhill
I know my boy enjoying how the top feel
Stay focused work, hard, go and prove a point
And let these haters run they mouth until they lose they voice
Verizon man swag, can you hear me now?
Can they see me now? Can they feel me now?
I know what it's like to get criticized
To say he don't deserve it, but in my eyes
You see the pain, you see the struggle
You see the grind, you see the hustle

Feel me?
Nigga it's draft day
Numba one, numba one until my last day
Feel me?
It's draft day
Numba one, numba one until my last day
YPC what up?
Curley, Mike D, AJ
What up man?
I said it's Clowney, they can't doubt me
I said it's Clowney, they can't doubt me
Flockaveli 2 on the way motherfucker
Draft Day