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Word To The Wise

waka flocka flame

Two shots to his melon, Waka Flocka
Presidential flooded Benz's for my partners
For that dope and that Pyrex
The youngest in the projects
Will em' turn into pirates
Empty out your pockets
Murk you and ya partners
Roll ya body up in some carpet
Should've kept your mouth closed
Should've never started
Soon as I'm done I'm flipping in another cartridge
I'm a real shooter just call me James Harden
Don't mind me, my dog I'm just flossing
Better keep your distance
Proceed with caution
Fuck boy, fuck boy
Y'all just some fuck boys
Ain't gonna have it on me
Got ya' ass in a cup boy
Walk everywhere and my chain never talk, boy, talk, boy NEVER
Make a nigga heart beat acapella
Stomp a nigga out in Italian leather
You a street nigga then we birds of a feather
Make a girl fuck a girl just for the pleasure
I'm talking boss shit, real mob nigga
Turn your wife and money
Where your life guard, nigga?
El Chapo shit
Find your body parts, nigga
You ain't a drug dealer
You a rapping ass nigga
Just get cash rob your ass with no masks's
Spend a day in my hood probably won't last, nigga

Fuck nigga, I'm yelling out squad
Fuck nigga, I'm yelling out squad
Fuck nigga, I'm yelling out squad
Squad up, squad up, squad up
Squad up, squad up, squad up
Squad up, squad up, squad up
Word to the wise, don't fuck with mine
Word to the wise, don't fuck with mine

20K nigga every club that I walk through
Face card good every city that I walk through
One phone call have my young niggas off you
Clap him 33 times, round of applause you
RIP Shirts momma said that she lost you
Ain't gotta get my hands dirty, that's what a boss do
Told you fuck niggas this gon' cost you
I told you, fuck niggas this gon' cost you
When you get a nigga hit I'm the one you need to talk to
Real street shit what I brought you
Welcome to mi casa my Floor made of marble
Good in the A
Good in the Bay
I'm a drummer King Kay slay [?]
Real nigga coming through, make way
Send them goons where you stay
In the bushes where they lay
Niggas know I don't play, man down
White flag, mayday
If you feeling some kind of way I'm sending Kenny B at em'
Send the B's
Send the C's
Send the G's lords at em
I don't do no talking I just make shit happen
Drop my name in the verse bet my shooters start clapping like BLOUW
You ain't eating with the squad, then it's fuck you nigga like BLOUW
I'mma say it with pride
I'mma yell it out loud