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Randy Savage

waka flocka flame

[Hook x2: Waka Flocka Flame]
Two Glocks, one blunt, and a bad bitch
I'm flexing on these nigga's, Randy Savage
Pop a molly, smoke a blunt, drink some Activist
Bitches we be swapping out look like some actresses

[Verse 1: Waka Flocka Flame]
I said I'm trying to see what's happening, little mama what's up
Three diamond chains on me neck, with Texas in my cup
Jumping off the top row, tell these bitches that's what's up
Four hundred for the Ghost, I got a check, run it up
Snatch a chain, you ain't tough
Hundred racks, that's not enough
Fucking bad, breaking swag, cute ass, that's up
Exhale, I got a check
Don't gotta borrow, it's on deck
In my pocket, I'm gon pop it at your noggin, Randy Savage
I'm a legend, boy you know it
Hundred dollar bills I don't flex, I throw it
Hopped in the club and I'm gon' roll it
And these molly's we don' chewed it
Your main bitch, we ran through it
Leg dropping these bitches
Blowing Backwood's, I can't do no fucking Swisher's
Take a picture


[Verse 2: B Ceeze]
Gon' pop that pussy for a Squad nigga
We ain't worrying bout your man, we let them bands hit him
Money all I see, money all I know
Money all I get, I stack it from the floor
Twenty doves and fifties, no chains
When on the dash, spent fifty on some earrings
Nigga's saying what they know, we get big chains
2 Glocks, for these nigga's trying to hit man
On the molly's and we rolling, better see you boy
It's skinny clip, fully loaded, wanna beat you boy
Stay flexing on a nigga, Randy Savage
Catch me flexing on the coupe, with a bad bitch


[Verse 3: Frenchie]
Flexing, hard, out this, planet
Macho, man, Randy, Savage
Bands Andre the giant, taller than that
Call me Lex Luger, I got torcher racks
You better keep your eyes open, for you take a trip with that undertaker
I'm a stone cold nigga, middle finger up like fuck a hater
Don't reach for my legs, I aim straight for the head
Call my hatch razor remote,filling, raise his head
Sony, got them, 808's
Boy I'm straight with the cake
Smell of the rocks cooking, that's straight up bass
Kill them with this slow flow, cause most niggas got no flow
Slow dope better than no dope, now that's a no-no