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My Boo

waka flocka flame

Yes that is my down ass chick she ain't gotta work no mo [x2]

Flocka! she my shawty she gone hold my 40 she my icy girl livin in a priceless
World she can do wat my home boys can't do that's
My lady you can call ha my boo boo

Well dese niggas is fakin I'm ready to take yo shoes, yo clothes and even yo
Lay on the ground n don't make a sound fuk with g red you wanna be found you think
It's a joke but it is not funny hallow tip bullets work straight to yo tummy
I'm lettin ya know that this shit is real man fuck all that change I'm fuckin with bills
You at the bottom I'm comming to hill I'm commin with gats n dat is fact blowin off heads
And blowin out backs I be the ball n you be the jack play in the game
N I am the champ u are the bass in I am the amp
Light yo ass lik you was a lamp man fuck all that shit cause it is a wrap
You bubble gum bitches is gud for the chewin 32 flavors the niggas you doin
Get rich die tryin is all I'm pursuin stackin this bread, I'm down for the doin
Gettin this money I got to stay true to me niggas keep ballin when hoes keep on
Swallowing still in this game not fuckin with lames breakin the rearranging the game


Aye shawty come here
What's up shawty? hello ms. you can't miss a nigga like this? I'm so handsome
I'm so fly I'm so playa I'm so fly, long hair dreads with sum gold in my mouth
Tattoos every where even in my ear.tattoos every where even in my hair

All the girls lik who that rapper can dey fuk can dey suck that rapper
You can fuck you suck this rapper wrap ya lips all around this rapper
I'm n luv with nicki n beyonce
Tell trina n alica cum my way
Tell rihanna that I want put my hands on her
If I see keri hilson I'm a put my hands on her
Man I'm fly man I'm fresh shawty futuristtic
Got mo hoes den ray j, keep mo drunker den kayslay that's y dese
Hoes ova me wanna put dey hand all ova me
Wanna hav my baby n get married
Gotdamn baby it's too early
Please stop actin lik a groupie n one mo thing
Baby can I get sum coochie


Rent free bill free school tution on me
Trap house workin so hard [x2]