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Whats Up Now


I had a big crush on you, but you crushed it in two
I knew that it was over, before you said we were through
But time is on my side, because you just went to bed
And maybe if I write a song and leave it in your head

You'll wake up realizing that you're really ugly
The mask you wear for all your friends blocks out the reality
I hope that you know, but if you don't care ill say it anyway

Why don't you just go, and buy yourself some bigger clothes
That your head will fit in, you just don't understand
And you will never know, cause I never let it show
I'm throwing in the towel, so here I am whats up now?

So here's an empty can of WD-40
Its all I have left of you, to grease up your mentality
You act like theres a halo floating over your head
You lack the common decantcy to regret what you said




[Chorus - fade]