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Skool Daze


Paint that picture real quick
That public school bullshit I went through or whatever if you want to call it
Understand where I'm coming from
School daze in this mother fucker

[Verse 1:]
Vick and Mohammed told me ride on these niggas
I told them stop it, that's a problem cause I fathered these niggas
You see a lot of these niggas, just is part of my vision
They got rich up off my image, what they gonna do when I switch it
I got bitches on bitches, cause my penmanship pimpin'
Fuck a pen man my mind is a palette, fuck around turn a track to a picture
Hol' up, this art class for them trap doors and react to it
I was out there when them packs moved, but never got to it cause I had school
That's a fact too, my class full when I had to
No gym class for your bitch ass, you can get cut up with a number 2
Come through with that gun too, how a rap nigga make me uncomfortable
Nigga wouldn't believe it only me and a teacher
Up in woodshop class without a tool
Just another nigga with an attitude
Slingin' adderall to a latitude
Couple blacks and latins, I was astronaut, then when the spaceman jump man I need the loot
Short bus on the way to school, hoes puttin' this game to lose, but I came to won
Went to school with some cold-blood niggas, I ain't finna be scared of y'all, God damn

A few shinin' stars know exactly who you are
Be your shinin' star

[Verse 2:]
Every intention to ride on these niggas
Eatin' free lunch Monday through Friday just like all of these niggas
But I ain't tryna grow up like all of these niggas
But I ain't tryna be in wars with all of these niggas
I'm a blend in, I'm a get in where I fit in, I'm a do me
See some white kids in the hallway, they get all A's but they do E
Truthfully as far as shootin' fouls I was 2 and 3
My record doe, they respect it doe, cause them group home niggas was just too deep
And we was too deep, and it's a big difference
Niggas talkin' bout bullies I saw children on dippers
Mothers is strippers, trouble was frequent
Survival of the fittest, weaklings don't make it a weekend
And to think these rappers still tryna scare somebody
Still never hit a body, wrote a million songs about it
And meanwhile I'm the shit like a fully-functioning somersaulting porta-potty
'Til I'm off to college
School daze