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The Show


[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
Don't say on the beat what you won't say in the streets
Cause face to face niggas never said it to me
I came here to eat every way to the bone
Never put mama on hold up whenever she call
I follow the law, shine bright illuminated
Got niggas in black hoodies homicide celebrated
Folarin on raw, you other nerds stepped on
In my German couture, the Nation of Islam
Forgive me, I'm flawed, the dollar signs is all I saw
I knew once I got a Beamer, the bitches would come aboard
I pray to the Lord as I'm holding on the sword
And off with your niggas' heads if you come between me and tomorrow
Nike, and I upgraded the Ree's
Real checks is all a nigga sees
So watch where you step and love what you rep
And realize that today is just another test
Say bye to the boy

[Hook: Aaron Wess]
This crazy world
Is all I know
The cars and clothes
It's all for show
So let's start the show
Let's start the show
Let's start the show
Let's start the show

[Verse 2: Wale]
And I'm feeling like the world's at my neck
When your revenue's sufficient you just work for respect
Every verse, every breath, your dollar woes is adios
Minus the arrogance, might these coons' is maricons
Not even close to touching us, what the fuck is up?
Heroes turn to clockers and sellers turn into customers
All my money coming in plural far as the women love
All my bunnies outta this world like Captain Bucky O
Hair to the small of her back
Probably just wanted a nigga stashed
And tell me that it ain't cause of rap
And I got plans, homie, calling her back
The ones who never hear back
My type of ho like a [?] text
And I brought Virginia, the District, as well as Maryland back
But I must have done it all with Rey Mysterio's hat
I put my soul in the culture, but what is it giving me back?
Has your niggas mind erased, don't let your memory lapse, boy


[Verse 3: Wale]
Upper echelon spitting, what the fuck is up?
I'm hospitable, blowing on that medical
And I wish that Channel 2 would give a nigga better news
But everybody hanging with us rarely ever knew us
Forever rude hoes, I don't ever need
Can't stimulate me mentally, then we should never be
However we can meet, it's something from you I need
It's something about women I don't need
I'll forever fiend for, even if a nigga team's full
They riding with the styles and that's word to Team Wolf
You know the team'll do it, cause the team is raw
They know your lady scream, but I'm in her jeans as much
Back for her feature that angry Willy when I be busy
Before I hit it they was selling me "wire over sixty"
Racks for a rap, racks for a rap
Now I see the same niggas charging for a dap