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The Get Away


Uh, yea yea, turn me up a lil bit
Uh, just what's been on my mind?

I've got to get away, I gots to fly away
I've gots to get away, I've got to fly away
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
Look sometimes it ain't worth it
A lovely outer surface
A pity party I'm throwin'
Sometimes I feel so worthless
I feel my work ain't enough
I feel they praise us too much
Or now they don't praise enough
Them niggas hate me for what?
One of us crazy, I'm frustrated
Disgusted with 'em
They shootin' my religon
So muthafuck the system
And muthafuck the quota
And hail my color purple
And I ain't talkin oprah
It's me my eyes lower
I should have been a chauffer
My driver's like noone
Well rick james, maury, jane
Muthafuck ya sofa
I mean your couch I'm jokin'
I'm on the couch toastin'
A bitch is nothin' but a dog
Who ain't housebroken

I'm in your spouse strokin'
What are my immorals
But most of the time
I lose my mind for divine oral
Ya'll define normal
That's why they don't get me
And there is no chemistry
With joe schmo's in me

And those opposin me
Have no souls indeed
I'm like a parapalege
I don't know defeat
Or never felt it
We gon' keep going

[Hook repeat]

[Verse 2]
Visions of popo, visions of sirens
Visions of handcuffs they comin' up
In my dreams, stomach is rumbling
They say I don't never smile
Or never say never though I admit
That it's been awhile

You never tire, might as well as inspire
And he who satisfy, might as well as retire
Them bastards is stagnant, my path's ever lastin'
I've mastered this ask of me, my raff ain't practice
I refuse the ration allowed with these assholes
That naturally act like these raps is a mattress
To the yawners, to the sleepers
To be honest, I need ya
So my armor, can strengthen
So keep talkin' ya'll pieces, uh

I beach chair, with my malibu vision
Eatin no boo dishes, with my soul food princess
By the water, au revoir to my audience
Left my home alone, you can call me macaulay bitch

[Hook repeat]