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Shawty got a big ol' butt

[Hook: Wale]
Clappers to the front, front, front, front
Clappers to the front, front, front, front
Shawty got a big ol' butt
Oh Yeah!

[Verse 1: Wale]
Bounce, bounce, bounce, fool - I put the city on
Bounce, bounce, bounce, fool - then I put my niggas on
Bounce, bounce, bounce, fool - I ain't gotta say too much
It's rap anticipation keeping radiant stadium
Rap fool, see that from a block away
I ain't pessimistic but I dropped a couple not today
OOOOH - Bet she call you not today
I told 'em all my lot is out
I know the thing like scarlatine
Ooooh - I wonder if she shot up
I just know her favorite song is "Started from the Bottom"
And I ain't hating mama, fact I wanna take your number
Said you save yo bread from Magic something happened then went Wala!

[Hook: Wale]

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
Shawty come shake that ass for me
Let a trippy nigga see what you working with
Can you clap that ass, do a handstand, girl
Make you do a wiggle, do a perfect split
She got the fattest ass, she got the perfect tits
I wanna get some head, come on work your lips
I'm high in the clouds ain't coming down
I'm so turned up I can't find the ground
Supersonic nigga got me smoking weed by the pound
Make it flip [?]
Juicy got chips like Frito-Lay
And I'm fucking these chicks out of D.O.A.
I'm so dopeboy fresh that you think that I'm selling blow tape
Your chick to be, I be a getting her pregnant in her throat

[Bridge: Juicy J]
Shawty bust it open for me, I might throw this cash
Shawty throw that ass like a Hail Mary pass
I'm fucking me a new chick every night
Make that ass clap, I don't care about that cellulite

[Hook: Wale]

[Verse 3: Wale]
Clappers to the front, got a backwood full of skunk
Got a white boy with the funnel gentrifying, that's what's up!
Clappers to the front, got a [?] full of scum
Now she finna bust it loose, screaming rest in peace to Chuck
It's that DMV, at the KOD
And I can CC you these CC's
But don't be OC

[Verse 4: Nicki Minaj]
Shout out to that cellulite
Got a real bad bitch that'll sell you white
Got another bad bitch that'll sex you right
Got a couple hoodrats on Section 8
Make a nigga cum, don't procrastinate
Ass saw a 5-0 come crack the case
Got ass for days, come activate
This ass on fire evacuate
Throw that ass in the air, evaporate
Where your money little bitch? Evaluate
If you got big money elaborate
I'm a shake this ass 'till I graduate

[Hook: Wale]