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The Chicago Falcon


Eye of the tiger, no I'm never lying
Seven shots down, I'm on that lean like a diet
Lean like the side of the shoe on a giant
Lean like them DC Powders, them DC pirates
Cause they be on their water
Pushing pills now they're off green like a golfer
Nigga want beef, yeah go for it, put them in a hole like a gopher
Then get ghost where they go-force
Yeah, I'm Carl Lewis in his go-form
Sideways talk, Dave Carr when I throw for 'em
I spit that garden of game, look at the hoes on him
I got a liable larynx, my throat warm
I speak that gospel, flawless in a snowstorm
Battling the Eskimos with no coat on
So hold on, blood pumps DC
But I get dap everywhere that I be

I'm the best, even when I'm cynical
Angle these beats like a pentagon
Whenever my pen [?]
Ain't nothing here minimal
Counting my bread, my account like a brunch at a synagogue
Get it ya'll? That's a whole lotta bagels
See me off the bay with San Quinn in a beige coupe
A very bad man, you can ask Babu
I get sign field (Seinfeld[?]) with these rhyme skills
I'm Larry David, gimme my paper
It's a cost more (Cosmo[?]), like Jerry Sein neighbor
My Costanzas stand like Phantoms or Maybachs
You won't get a lane (Elaine[?]) if you came wack
I hate rap like Kramer hate blacks
Still no label Wale ain't passed
But now I'm on Allido and everybody gassin'
Mark gave me a check and some dap