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Top Of The Roof


[Verse 1: XV]
Uh, sun in my eyes, cause I'm lookin so high up
My zipper must be down the way a nigga bout to fly up
Labels coming after X, wise up
They was all catching Zzzzz's, G's, my luck
I'm doing everything they tried to told me not to
Got up on the roof and told my momma, "Yo, I got to"
I was like Sputnik 1, I went to space first
Now I'm on this roof just hopin that this red cape works
Patient with a city on my back and now the weight hurts
Jumping, you gon' jump it, just look up and don't go face first
Definition of a BOSS, see what I can make work
Momma said, "Ok, make sure you do it in your play shirt"
Flier guys with theme songs for the evening
X-Box addiction, I want my achievements
Now I'm on a journey, I don't stop believing
On my tippy toes for the globe that I'm reaching

[Chorus: x2]
This is what I do, like I always wanted
I'm about to climb to the top of the roof
I'm about to fly, look what I can do
I'm about to fly off the top of the roof

[Verse 2: XV]
Yea, where the clouds nearly touch you
The young dude that kids would literally look up to
They see that roof so high, look how I climbed it
Charlie Green envious, I think that he's a giant
Haters got quiet, heard the noise that I was making
Girls started eying, when they heard that I was taken
That hotel room, vacant
Feel like they the roughest, stay away from them temptations
So my grind I'm, staying away from a vacation
My time line, it's history in the making,
There's a fine line, between you and me, and I'm a bold point
Cause that model that your twitter follows is my old joint
It's the tip of the iceberg, and that's the whole point
Young man, old mind, in a grown voice
I'm in the sky like there's no choice
And I'm going down, babayy no Rolls Royce