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So What


Straight Out Of Los Angeles... Bringing You The Hottest Sound... Xzibit, U-N-I... Dub Up If You Don't Know So What... Now You Know!


(So What) If I Right On My Thangs (So What) If We Askin' You Out Da Game
(So What) And We Rock Dem Beats Dat We Used To Bang Nigga Wut We Da Best

[Verse 1:]
Crush My Swishir On The Ground In Hell XL We In The Clan And It's Lookin' Very Humorous And It's Gettin' Very Curnous Smokin' Remy Makin' Me Hazardous
Let's Brain Storm Flat Drug Storm Apart From Dem Niggaz Dat We Came For Wut Ya Aim For Or Take All Four Tha Casulties Of War Dats Four Dat Now Came Thru The Door
Now That's One & Two So The Managers Love This N Publish This Like Three & Four Dat Includes Your Team Effort Can We Go Forward They Don't Want No More

[Verse 2:]
Middle Fingers In The Air (In The Air) Up High Down Low We In Here It's Dat Ignorant Bastard Pokin' Niggaz Ashtrins
Spongebob Is Squarepants Niggaz Wish They Patrick This Ain't No Cartoon This Reality I'm Up First You After I Like The Letter J
And I Represent The Fuckin' Math Nigga Wut We Da Best

[Verse 3:]
Fold Your Arms Around Your Chest Repersent It For Your Set We Gon Get It How We Get Get Get It On The Floor
Flows So Chemical Dat I Glow You Can't Fend The Corners I Go We Ain't See Ya There So I Know We Gon Break The Bread And Make Doe
Only Know The Struggle Hustler So We Have Divide Em Up Hear You Makin' Noise We Can't Hear Dat You Need To Turn It Up
Kick The Door Down For Old Times Sake Hittin' The Government With This Snub 38 Kick It With Niggaz Dat Push Rhymes Like Weight
Let Me See Your Poker Face