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Scent Of A Woman


Yeah...Check it out...They say behind every strong man
Is an even stronger woman

'cause she, was put here to defeat me
'cause she, cuss me out, quick to leave me
'cause she, not what I want, not what I want, not what I need
'cause she, blow my phone up, to reach me
'cause she, tried to lock, now she leaves me
'cause she, not what I want, not what I want, not what I need

Man, (?) with that sucker, she
I'm from a place, where they quick to say "Fuck A Bitch"
And gettin' grits, off of pussy, try to get a hitch
But I'm a bachelor, stackin' it, drinkin', need to quit
Me and my clique, ride through cities like we own the shit
You caught my eye, looking fly, body lookin' thick
So who am I? I reply with my government, exchange the numbers
Escapades for days, satisfying my hunger
Don't trip, you from a long list, a long line
Get in line, you so fucking fine, you spendin' time
Introduce you as a friend of mine, never my woman
I got 20/20 cord vision, seein' you comin'
Livin' my life, I don't need a wife
But you persist, tryin' to strengthen our relationship
But I'm a dog, and a dog gotta run the streets
Without a leash, this ain't workin' so I'm sayin' peace
You ain't the one for me!


You found some way to hold on, through all the bullshit
Never seen a woman so strong, I used to pull shit
Now them days, long been gone, I gotta move in them streets
Provide a place for all my peoples to eat
I'm feeling stuck, had to hustle up
The A-T-F, hit the house, had me shackled up
You lost your mind, hate the time, I was in and out
You never let a brother down, when you stressing out
You stressin' wanted me, to figure out a different route
You could've left, but you a rider and stuck it out
And it's a trip, because it's like you never missed a beat
You waited anxiously, patiently, stayin' strong for me
I sat aside, thinking back to the way I was
The way I am, and how I gotta be a stronger man
I understand that you love me and you want the best
but if you wanna take the good, you gotta take the rest
I rock a vest, baby!


And all this time it was you
Baby forgive me for the pain, I was putting you through
It's me and you against the world, so I'm keepin' it true
I know I haven't been the best, the wrong things I must do
I used to think I was the MAN, wasn't having a clue
I wasn't looking for no love, but I found it in you
It's so true, behind every great man is a women
Every time you call me, Baby Girl, I'm a come running
You got a soldier livin' right, girl you saved my life
I sacrifice, anything to keep my family tight
I seen the light, and when the world try to beat me down
You always given me another reason, I can smile
'cause you believed in me, when there was nothing there to see
My wife can be my better half, complete my family tree
Ugh, nothing can stop us now, Vera Wang gown
Watching your father, walk his little lady down the isle
'cause you the one for me!


Dedicated to the real ones out there
Ugh, yeah, this is for you