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I Wanna B Down


[Verse 1:]
I would like to get to know if I could be
The kind of girl that you could be down for
'Cause when I look at you I feel somethin' tell me
That you're the kind of guy that I should make a move on
And if I don't let you know, then I won't be for real
I could be wrong but I feel like something could be goin' on
The more I see you the more that it becomes so true
There ain't no other for me, it's only you

I wanna be down
With what you're goin' through
I wanna be down
I wanna be down with you
No matter the time of day or night it's true
I wanna be down...

[Verse 2:]
Promise you will be my lover, you will never, ever leave me
She know a nigga loud but it's whatever, she believe me
Let me hit it, I'll make you cum early like a priestess
As long as she never leave me, lick you up like Fiji water
Go harder, harder...
Girl I'll fuck you while we listen to The Carter
Ain't worried 'bout money, I'm a baller
I hit her with that game, Coach Carter
I ain't the type that's gon' ask where your Benz at
But my nigga need a girl, so where your friends at?
Where she live at? Can he pull up?
He be gangbangin' though, he a hustler, can he pull up?
See, it be the little things that matter
Got me climbin' up the Love Ladder
You can be wife or best friend, my nigga, it's all good
Just love me like you said you would


[Verse 3:]
She said "your secrets is safe with me"
Just think of her, them pages in my diary
Say don't you ever lie to me, don't ever give that pussy up
Even if I cheated with a bitch that wasn't good enough
'Cause most of the time these bitches don't matter
She say long as she don't find out, just make sure I wrap up
She know a nigga gon' be a nigga
But I'm that nigga she wanna be with
So she might as well put up with it, like "hold up!"

What's happenin'?
Shit, you know me, I'm in the studio goin' hard...
That's cute...