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No Sleep


[Hook x2: YG]
If I don't grind we don't eat nigga
If I don't grind we don't eat nigga
If I don't grind we don't eat nigga
If I don't grind we don't eat nigga
25 ain't no sleep nigga

[Verse 1: YG]
Niggas got fucked up thinkin I'da let up
Run up on me you fucked
Nigga get mad cause they bitch wanna fuck
And I don't even fuck I just get sucked
Ridin round town like a copper with a bopper
Big booty having get popped up
Homie told me you was broke I gave a nigga hope
Real niggas don't bitch they pl...
Talkin bout your whips
You ain't even owning that
Talkin bout your bitch through quotin
My niggas be bonen that
If I don't grind I don't eat
If I don't eat, somebody gets robbed
Rap shit don't work, I finna be heard
Can't be broke, gotta get a job
Sike nigga never that
I got bad hoes they never fat
Fuck em once never call them back
Nigga what you call that?
Got that no call back
Mama know I'm ratchet
Your bitch drop her draws cause all I do it drop classics
I play to win, but taking L for the team
I only fuck with nigga that'll take the shell for the team
Millions on my mind,
My family needing this and that
Hoes on my dick, if I pull up that's a bitch attack


[Verse 2: CharleyHood]
Ridin round the city
Be cash in my pocket
I'm smokin on this kush
In my stash got a rocket
And like my nigga James
Go head and let thing harden
I cook it, whip it, spark it
Hit the mall and valet park it, ugh
Me and my niggas we go
Me and my niggas blow O's
Me and my niggas get dough
And my and my niggas fuck hoes
All night gotta keep that toast
Gotta grind hard like a stripper on a pole
4 in the mornin Sprite sippin let's po
Now I'm in the studio moving slow mo
Aye, everyday we try to get paid
And if I make enough then I'm gettin laid
From the Sun to the Moon niggas makin plays
See through a fake nigga like some ex-rays
Get money fuck bitches
Grind hard yea it's worth it
If my number in your hoe phone
Hell yeah you should be nervous
Never slippin, never trippin, never fallin off the surface
Stackin paper gettin racks
Until our money perfect that's why


[Verse 3: Ray J]
If I don't grind we don't eat nigga
If I don't shine we don't see nigga
If I ain't high then I drink nigga
Bitch pussy better not stink nigga
Valet that Brinks nigga
Fuck the police nigga
You mad at me nigga
Put your money on street nigga