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What a nigga know?
Playin', nigga

[Hook: Young Jeezy]
I said nigga we playin', fuck is y'all sayin'?
Club about to close, Hell nah, we stayin'
Coupes outside, valet, we playin'
Rollies on the wrist, ma'fucka, we playin'
Nigga we playin', all day every day
All day anyway, nigga we playin'
Kill these niggas every day, nigga we playin'
Fuck these niggas anyway, nigga we playin'
Playin', playin', playin', we playin'
Playin', playin' that's right
We playin', playin', playin', yeah nigga we
Playin', playin', playin' that's right we playin'

[Verse 1: YG]
Nigga we playin' – flip your bitch, nigga we can
All these hoes would, paper couldn't save 'em
All these hoes, Santa Clause couldn't sleigh 'em
All these niggas needin' all this favors
I cut 'em all off, I'm needin' all these razors
Jordan's over gators, khakis over slacks
Money over bitches, but nothin' over that
Money in this music, sad she want influence
The judge want me guilty but the DA can't prove it
I be in the hood with the heat, gangbangin'
Them boys across the street be in the house, they never hangin'


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Brand new watch, bottom cars brang 'em through the block
Started at the bottom now I made it to the top
Smokin' the best, designer frames, smoke in my chest
Spendin' money like a habit, we ain't supposed to have it
Paid this much just for a tat, that means you supposed to brag
Rick Owens if you lookin' at my tag
I'm tryin' to get drunk and then call a cab
Go to one of my homeboy's spots
So I can show him the bong I just bought
When it comes to bomb weed, I got a lot
My fam' straight as bitch ass niggas, I got a watch
And nah, man, this shit ain't rented, it's off the lot
Charm with tons of rocks, car without the top


[Verse 3: YG]
I do it for my neighbors, crack-sellin' drug dealers
Had to confess to my mama I was a thug nigga
Ten racks on me, nigga, like fuck it
I got the strap on me out here tryna function
Like "yep, yep" damn right, I'll take your lady, my nigga
Like mob shit, and act like it's all gravy, my nigga
Bad bitches getting' fucked, their hair all wavy, my nigga
You gettin' played not paid, man that's shady, my nigga
I be doin' the most, I'll pull that K out
I be in the hood where most rapper don't hang out
I be coppin' Rollies, I be coppin' Porsches
You be cuffin' like the cops, and I don't fuck with law enforcers