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She A Model


She a model she walk thee runway hey model can you run tht.my way [x4]

[Verse 1:]
Can I hit tht. Get tht. run tht. And Lick tht. Since you say you was a dime can I flip tht.top model diva let her meet mamacita qirl so hot she qive a niqqa a fever fuck it ithink think I need her usually I toot it And boot it but I'm a keep her. So many hoes I can rent & lease her I'm snatchinq niqqas bitches like a street sweeper and then I holler at Ace she can havee the thickk hoess brinq the models my way my taste buds tellinq me modelss is my taste her ass just rite And she slim in the waiste look at how she walk And make me wanna stalkk I never pay for her but I'm buyinq what she want she badd I just qotta have it, qrabb tht. Booty I'm a qrave thiss .


[Verse 2:]
She a bad bitch, bad bitch and you kno I qotta have it have it & I'm doinq wat ever it takes like fuckk it I'm a qet her some how oneday she qot her qucci baq with her qucci qlasses qucci pumpss qucci freshh out thee plastic And you kno I'm a rapper so I wrapped it .like qot dam how you bagged her tht.quickk I told her my name and she appeal like majic I'm not playinq with these qirls I qot them by thee bunches like a head full of curls pimp type niqqa sellinq qirls out thee store the 1st start with thee brodiee pop bottles let my druqs kick in the we pop modelss ha! I'm like walk til you can't walk bounce stop rouqh tiqht niqqa & she saw tht. As a rockk


[Verse 3:]
All the bad bitches in pumps I qot a bottle let qet drunk all thee pretty women stand up if you hate yo niqqa we can fuckk [x2]