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yo gotti

See dis a motion picture shit (COCAINE)
Get ya sprite, pop ya pill, lets ride (YO GOTTI)
24 hrs crack weed or powder who wanna shop wit me (YO GOTTI)
I got dem pills goin for da cheap cheap
Um da neighborhood pharmacy

I was livin my life like a muthafuckin rockstar
Sellin dem white blocks put me in a cop car
Put me in front a judge told your honor I ain't guilty
Talkn bout some bullshit came outta conspiracy
I'm young n um thuggin goin hard n um hustlin
Um jus tryna get my money mane um sick and tired of strugglin
My people doin time my family countin on me
Lord don't take my freedom way got a lot a ridin on me
Um gamblin wit my life um jus tryna throw a 11
Um jus tryna jump a point foe I see another 7
If all else fails and shit ain't what it seems
Just watch me turn my hood into a small Walgreens

I bet I got dem guitars o' bars lorotabs demeralls
Tusclenicks aderall oxycottin I got em all
I'm a pharmaceutical [4x]
I bet I got dem viketin mbm percasets supermans
Purple drank methadone get em in get em gone
I'm a pharmaceutical [4x]

Um movin 24 hrs in my hood dey call me Dr. Gotti
Sold a million pills den I went n coped dat maseratti
Lookin out for OCU tryna dwn my OTC
perscription drug want a couple hundred come n shop wit me
Don't call a nigga phone talkin wreckless wit dat nonsence
Viketin superman dats if you want some extra strength
Say you want it now den I bet you I got something for dat
A naked lady have ya baby hot n ready n super wet
If I don't make it rappin den um headed right back to da crest
Watch me turn my muthafuckin block into a CVS
What yu want what yu need park right der apartment 3
Pickin up or droppin off which ever one is cool wit me


OK between me n yu I jus got me like a case or two
Grape juice soarin in a pan n yu know what it do
Codeine promethazine dat shit dat make a nigga lean
Mix it wit ya favorite drink n sip it wit ya home team
Pineapple snapple and a deuce a have yu feeling great
4 o'z of dat kind of shit I bet dat ass cant stay awake
I bet dat ass cant shake and bake in da kitchen like Yo Gotti do
Mr. Chef I did da pyrex pin wit chapters 1 and 2
Um mr thousand 8 grams mr take a million yams
Ben wit da shit um mr fuck yo bitch n I don't give a damn
Um bout to pop a bar hop in my car look for a fallin star
So I can make a wish dat my niggas get released 2ma