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Messed Up

yo gotti

Aye say ma, you know I wanna apologize for any and everything I ever put
You through, and I also wanna let you know that any hurt I caused it was
Non intentional. I'm here to tell you I'm sorry.

[Verse 1:]
Mama, I just wanna apologize for 20 some years of pain now I realize
(Cause you know I messed up baby [x2])
All this shit I put u through, back and forth to juvenile ma ian have a Clue
When grandma went to church, I was selling work
Walked up in Trezevant high with dat 38 under my shirt
They tried to kick me out mama came back a damn fool
They let me right back in, but wat I go and do
Skipped class, catch me on all 3 lunches, smoking og kush a nigga had da
All the hurt I caused high speed chases from da laws
Neighborhood gang fight a nigga done it all
Ma overall I just want a better life
For you and my sister that's why I stop sellin' white
(Cause you know I messed up baby [x2])
Ma every night and every day
I contemplate about da day dey came took chuck away
Den I wasn't afraid, to go to jail
Dats when I hit da streets, start givin' dese niggas hell
But in yo eyes, I know dat wasn't da right choice
I thank you for yo love and support
Dats why I jus wanna 'pologize.

[Chorus x4: (Yo Gotti)]
Cause you know I messed up baby
Cause you know I messed up baby

Cause you know I messed up baby
Cause you know I messed up baby

(Yeah, a this dis real life shit homie
See niggas make musik
I make musik from the heart
A drama you know I jus tell it how I live it homie
Dats da only way I know how)

[Verse 2:]
Daddy he a OG brutha he was a hustla too
Shit run in my bloodline
What the fuck you think I'm a do
Mama down bad
Car repoed and the rent was due
Fo I let her starve I'm off da porch without a fuckin' clue
Pistol in my hand no mask
Who would ever knew
Goon turned rapper to millionaire
Look what life a do
Mama got a big house on the hill and it's white too
Think she goin' cocaine crazy jus got a white coupe
Mama say she proud of me
All dese niggas who doubted me
Raised me ta be a real nigga
Memphis brought it out of me
Ridgecrest apartments
Slangin' dope down on Garland
Feds givin' out too much time, fuck it um robbin'
Mama say she gon pray fa me
Know dat dey got a place fa me
Told her I had a plan
And this musik gon make a way fa me
Sorry fa all the pain
Tears and all the shame
But mama you know I love ya
And I promise u I'm a change (I am)

Hands in da air
U know I speak fa all real niggas around the world (Cause you know I messed up baby [x2])
Nigha we fall we get back up
We make mistakes we make up nigha
You feel me
You ever got yo mama do kicked in
Jumped out da rental car and now you had to leave it there. (Cause you know I messed up baby [x2])
Know what um sayin', this dat life homie
And to my nighas who lost dey life in dese streets
Fo dey got a chance to tell dey mama dey sorry (Cause you know I messed up baby [x2])
Aye gotti gon tell her fa you homie.

[Chorus x2: Till End]
Cause you know I messed up baby