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I Feel Like

yo gotti

Boosie Badazz (Boosie Badazz)
I am
Aye we the richest, realest niggas in this shit
That's what the world say

[Hook x2 - Yo Gotti:]
I feel like the realest nigga in the world
I feel like tonight I want to fuck your girl
I feel like the richest, realest nigga in it (I am)
Free my dogs I swear to God it been a minute

[Verse 1 - Yo Gotti:]
Yo, it's Boosie and Gotti
Niggas know we go retarded for money we fuck up the check
Chain after chain, and cars whip after whip
We kill goon after goon and by text after text
Got a lot of money, got a lot of hoes
Got a lot of problems, Got a lot of issues
Seen a lot of dope
I was in the hood, when you was in the hood
You was in the hood, when I was in the hood, with the same bros
Get money with killas, my shooters got rollies, we killing in style
Boy my house like a mall and my closet is [?] and my shoes racks an aisle
And my bitch probably look like Chanel
Ten thousand square feet, my house big as hell
I was so sick of running from the twelve
They fucking up kitchens and running through scales
Million dollars out of bando, trap wizards like a Gandalf
Street nigga in a Lambo, I got big choppa like I'm mandalf
Fuck the plug, yea I ran off
Fuck your bitch, yea that's a hand off
Real nigga, this a stand off


[Verse 2 - Boosie Badazz:]
Free Meek nigga
I'm the realest nigga in it, just ask bout me
Worldwide call me badazz
Girl fine with a fat ass
If I love ya I give you my last
Real nigga
A lot of niggas hating cause the plate got bigger
World is mine, hating non nigga
You know what I done been through
Free BG free Free MU
There can't be no sequel too
Boozie and this gangsta music
At home I got a gangsta bitch, all we watch is gangster movies
Shit I feel like I'm the richest in the world
Cause I come from where you gone if you got a couple of birds
Foreign cars up in my four garages, real nigga
Still sending niggas money orders, real nigga
Lost a couple of hittaz
Roll one for em, smoke one for em
And I got they daughters and they sons, that's why