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Respect That You Earn

yo gotti

[Verse 1: Yo Gotti]
Want me to buy you a bag
But is you worth it
Now I ain't perfect
And I just followed you on Instagram
Are you really into women and you get around
No, I ain't judging
I'm just asking if that's fair to say
But either way
It's my opinion
You know, give or take

I told this model chick
Little girls look up to you and the things you do
Every nigga you work with, you're screwing
So when she grow up, you know what she going to do
She like, you don't know me, you don't pay my bills
You don't know my struggle
I'm like, that shit real because it is what it is
But I know you lying
I know what's real
I know your worth
I know that personally
Ten bands shorty, can't pay your bills
You one of them?

[Hook: Ne-Yo]
Girl, I'm gonna give you the respect that you earn from me
That you earn from me
That you earn
What you make me do
That's what I'm gonna do for you
Give you the respect you earn

[Verse 2: Wale]
I kiss on your neck
What'd you wanna get out of this?
Would you feel disrespected if I said you fat as shit?
If I called you my bitch when I'm with my partners?
Would you see it as a badge of honor or just be like
No Wale, don't call me out on my momma's given namesake
But she whispers mine when I'm in her thighs
And I leave her in her feelings because I never leave her dry
Some ill advice
Lying to her is ill advised
She know these Jones from a Jones [?]
But I still give her time

I try to follow her
Everybody want her
Ain't worry about nothing
She gonna work that body
And I unfollow though my eyes still on her
Knowing I'm still caught up
I call her thirst trap shorty


[Bridge: Ne-Yo]
She lives for the night life
And that's all right
But she wants to be treated like somebody's wife
But you can't be table-hopping in the club
Trying to drink for free
Then come back to my table
Trying to stand next to me
I know, I know