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Real Niggas

yo gotti

Man, what happened to my real niggas
Man, what happened to the real niggas
They in the feds, they gone, I put my life in this song
Man, what happened to my real niggas
Homie, just feel my pain, this shit gon' drive me insane
I wrote this hear for all my real niggas
Man, what happened to the real niggas

[Verse 1]
You a real nigga, what happened homie
Heard you running with the enemy, you tripping homie
You ain't raised like that, that ain't your background
You got a little money with niggas, that's how you act now?
Streets a motherfucker
Not to mention, niggas treat you like my blood brother
But once you cross that line, you gotta stay there
And if you playing both sides, know you got to lay there
Damn, pissed me off, and no more playing fair
Hundred bands and guns, that's what I call warfare
Ain't nobody safe, any nigga get it
Don't call my phone, ain't shit to talk about, you know you did this


[Verse 2]
Once upon a time you was a real nigga
But now you disloyal, you just a field nigga
What type of nigga your nigga brought from the other side
We don't shake hands with the enemies, we do homicides
It's Ridgecrest mafia for life, and fuck the other side
You never see me say a word, you just see gun fire
Cause gangsters don't talk, and drama don't slide
One thing I hate the most, a nigga playing both sides
Just know you don't slide, get his ass from both sides
Make him scream, oh lord, like he in church getting baptized
I'm on my fuck the world, don't really fuck with me
My young niggas, that's all I got, this other shit ain't nothing to me
Old ass niggas better sit down
Pussy ass niggas better get down
I need a [?] C.M.G. the motherfucking squad
Any nigga round me best sound hard
Nigga best be squad, down to do their time, to catch a charge
This a family nigga, and you must play your part
Now they say I'm crazy cause I go to war with the whole city
But fuck nigga, I give these hoes the business
And I put that on me, I ain't never give no statement
I ain't never copped no plea
I let money fight my cases, I get money and I go hard
I let haters do the hating
When you pussies ready to face me, I be right here just waiting
Matter fact I'm getting patient
Sipping on that hen' getting wasted
Imma' catch a murder one and I can taste it
How you get so far, then go back to the basis
I built up Gucci and Boosie, some of this shit you just can't shake it
Some of this shit, you gotta embrace it
Some of these problems, you gotta erase it
So I keep [?] fuck their bitches till I run these niggas crazy
Niggas ain't real anyway
We the G in gangster, you the G in gay, pussy