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Go Girl

yo gotti

Go girl, a go girl
A top notch thoroughbred pro girl
She go go live
She go go silly yo
I tell her bring it back
She go go get it
She a go girl, a go girl
All night putting on a show girl
She go go live
She go go silly yo
I tell her bring it back
She go go get it

[Yo Gotti]
I got this girl thats so addictive
She call and say she miss me
I tell her I’ma visit next time I’m in her city
I turn ya World to Gotti world, shawty bring ya ticket
Jimmy Choo and Red Bottoms, shawty we can kick it
I take her on trips, her boyfriend be trippin’
Takes off on the menu, tryna hear it
Tattoos and piercings, Gucci shoes
Kiss just as fresh as she be, she serious
All I do is ball and all she fuck is winners
To take her to the mall she don’t wanna go to dinner
She a go girl and I’m tryna get wit her
Have her looking right I had to follow her on Twitter
She a go girl…


[Wiz Khalifa]
Go go, keep on going
I’ll be somewhere throwing money, blowing on that potent
Money in my bank account, pockets hella swollen
And a model girlfriend so for them cameras we be posing
We just go go, anywhere we wanna
Got a weed connect from Tennessee to California
Twenty grand in Paris, blowing on that Mary
Yo’ bitch on my Johnson cause I’m ballin’ like I’m Larry
And I play my part. I’m out here with the bosses
And she know this from the start, get 30K to show
That mean we both be going hard
Don’t smoke it, roll the weed up
If she broke she’ll get her g’s up
If she slow she up to speed cause she a


[Big Sean]
Okay now woah there, keep going throwin that big booty thong
She wear her heart on her sleeve
Now she just Comme des Garcon’ing
I wake up and show you what this Cockle doodle do in the morning
I swear that pussy so good good, I wish I could clone it
Okay, go girl, go girl
My new bitch, ya old girl
She buss it open for me like a show girl
Call me king than tell me that its your world
Her body Jamaica but the vagina is Asian
I swear thats hour glass shaped and that just remind me time wasting
Okay, fuck around I might taste it
And if I throw it back at her than she probably gon chase it
Cause she a go girl…