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I ll Always Remember

yolanda adams

When I would lay me down to sleep
I'd always pray dear Lord my soul please keep and
when I'd awake I would find myself giving you all praise.
There was nothing no one could say to sway me
nor make me regret the day that you reached down and saved me
When you came into my life you took all of my guilt away away away away away.
I remember that day and on the Lord
how I cried I got down on my knees and said Lord
here am I please take me and mold me.
You shook me and you made me all over
and I'll never forget I'll remember
I'll never forget I will never forget I'l remember
I'll never forget I'l remember what you did for me Lord.
And all that you constantly keep doing for me Lord.
At the tender age of 13 you saved me.
filled me with the Holy Ghost and raised me,
loved me when I thought I couldn't be loved you
trusted me with your Holy word and I'll never forget
no no those times when you were there for me there for me there for me.
you showed me you cared.
You showed me no matter what you would always be there be there.
You showed that there is kindness in you Mercy abundantly in you oh.
You keep on showing me your grace uh yeah showing me your grace yeah.
What I didn't deserve that you gave anyway,
What I didn't deserve that you gave me anyway
what I did not deserve that you gave me anyway
abundantly abundantly grace over and over and over abundantly
you told me that even in my sin
you could give me hope give me hope
after I come to you with all of my problems
after I come to you with all of sins you said
you would forgive me forgive me forgive me forgive me forgive me
you said that you would if I would confess you would you would be there for me
and u still do blot out all of my iniquities and yes
i remember yes I remember yeah yes I remember yes
that long time ago I should have been cut off from you
but you with your grace and omnipotence taught me how to lean and
depend depend on you and you only you and only you.
yes I remember yes I remember 'tis so sweet to trust in Jesus
just to take him at his word to rest upon his promises to know thus says the Lord I remember.
I remember that I have seen the lighting flash
I heard the thunder roar bells sent breakers dashing trying to conquer my soul.
But I heard the voice of Jesus telling me still despite all you promise me
Lord you would never leave me never leave never alone and
I remember I remember yeah yeah yeah yeah yes
I remember what can wash away my sins nothing
but the blood of Jesus
What can make me whole again nothing
but the blood of Jesus for my pardon this I plea nothing
but the blood of Jesus for my cleansing this
I shall sing nothing but the blood Jesus Nothing
but his blood nothing but his blood and
I remember yes I remember oh yes I will I will remember