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Pullin Me Back

young buck

Yeah it's me, Young Buck
Get your cameras ready

I've been good int he Hood,
Different shoot outs, the same sh-t,
Bin a while since ya heard a buck album,
It's just business, kept my distance
Now where the mutha fu-kers at, I gotta have em,
Buck another album, pop another Valium,
Roll another blunt get buck, I'm back,
They pulling me back [x5]

Uhh yeah,
Right now I need the media to just pay close attention,
As I do me ni–as,

Up until today, I still haven't heard a word from Dre,
Or word from Em, I still fu-k with them,
Me and Fifty ain't spoke and Banks ain't called,
I ain't seen or ran into Yayo at all,
But I'm out here, for whatever it's worth,
My enemies asking me to sell em a verse
Huh, bury me alive, cover me up with dirt,
You'll probably die trying to take your ass to church,
Bandana check, 40 glock check,
I got stacks and AK's on deck,
The spotlights all yours (do you) they all looking at you (go head),
And I ain't started on the first chapter,


Pac rolling over in his grave
Looking at the way these rap ni–as behave
All these wannabe Kanye's,
Bitches imitating Beyonce,
Ni–as trying to fu-k Chris Brown ex fiance,
Where the hell is Andre,
At times like these we need all the MC's on the on tre
Rappers buy chains everyday, get vibe at the all star game in LA
Separate me from them, I am not him,
Cut from a different clothe than your favourite rapper,
This is called pain, watch what you take,
Remember I ain't even started on the first chapter,


[talking: Young Buck]
Yeah you know who it is right,
Swagga like no other n-gga, it's just me my ni–a,
I'm just saying ni–a, holla at me ni–a,
I told you ni–as I was back on my Bucksh-t,
Classic sh-t, big boy sh-t on the way,
Matter of fact, only God can judge me...