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This Shit Rough

young buck

[Verse 1:]
I had a feeling niggas was gon be with this shit cause it was dry
And either You take what you could get or you gon sit there and just die
Learn a long time ago get yo money never mind a ho
Got 10 years invested and yo bitch naked dick down her throat
Catch me dirty and trapping up until something occurs
And then there's spikes on my sneakers red on the bottom of hers
Nigga don't do nothing but do this
That's right nigga you clueless
But that's the only way a street nigga can get through this
Meditating like a buddhist
Niggas cool but I'm the coolest
Take this cup and I'm a screw this
Tryna get money like I'm jewish
Who this nigga think he is? just gone fuck all of our hoes
Put coke all on the city and then just jump up and go, no!
Truth is I heard it all before
There ain't too much you can't say that make me wanna stop it doe
I told my patna Push a million dollars ain't enough
And ain't no dope out in this streets nigga ain't it rough

Big old chain on your neck and you just came just to flex
We just came just to come up then go hang in the jets
Let me get that drop it this shit rough
Let me get that drop it this shit rough
You got ice on your wrist and I got money on my mind
That mean I'm tired of being broke and then you running out of time
Let me get that drop it this shit rough
Let me get that drop it this shit rough

[Verse 2:]
Talk to me baby what is that pussy gone do for me
I buy you this bag is you gone shoot to me?
All this money coming Honestly this shit is spooking me
Plus I ain't been seeing my kids like a do usually
Crackers ask me who I am I tell them hoes just google me
Back this bentley up excuse me can you move for me
Left all my feelings at my mama house came out like fuck ya'll
Everybody buying bricks everybody but ya'll
Lil dude just a rapper, blood, don't let them niggas play you
Ungrateful ass bitch cause is last time I save you
Keep tweeting all them lies
Like you really seeing them pies
And cookin' all that coke you a broke nigga in disguised
We laughing at you guys
And ya'll colombian ties
If I told you what your bitch be doin' you you would be surprised
Hey lil buddy keep pushin' it quarter key ain't enough
And ain't no dope in these streets boy you see that it's rough