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Too Many Niggaz


When will it ever stop all this hatin and droppin soft
all I'm tryna do is live lavish with millions in my [?]
now from selling crack on the corner I'm tryna do it legal
but I guess there ain't no pleasin my people cause everything I do
feel like somebody tellin me I want suceed
but I'm a millionaire and I owe it all to the hatred I recieved
motherfuckers that use to be down, ain't down no mo'
my true partnas just can't be found no mo'
therefore my motto is 'Fuck Friends', my only dogg is Benjamin Franklin
take him away from me you gon' wind up stankin'
I gotta family to feed so currency's what I need
but the people I break bread with would rather see me bleed
tryna take all of my fortune fuck my fame is forever
and S.U.C I'm a claim it forever and I'm still down with the yella
so fuck all of these bitches and bitch ass fella's
and fuck a 4, it's a MT and a glock 50 foes is jealous

Too many niggaz tryna take me off of my game
nigga in the hood didn't live so good now they all wanna jock my fame
now when I'm comin down in my foreign
and I'm rollin one deep that should tell you bout me (S.U.C)
I don't give a damn about none of you hoes
I blast on site cause I ain't trippin no mo'

As soon as my mind's closed it's over and that's that
'cause when they murdered my partner he didn't get to blast back
is that the price to pay just to have nice things?
and it's my life in danger because I have ice mayne
it's ashame can't even sport our jewerly like we wanna
cause everytime we shine them jackers tryna creep up on us
catch pistol case, after pistol case, ridin dirty
Mr.Officer I'm not a killer just wanna see thirty
cause boys be against me when I roll alone
I get full of demon possessed when I'm holdin on
I'm tryna make it, with this gangsta shit I ain't gon' fake it
anything I murder I'll be damn if I'm gonna take it
now days the ghetto version of Spundalay
a nigga will run up in ya residents with the undelay, cold hearted
just to get they fetti, bustin grains for a living
disrespecting God's children bitch you made for a fifth


Too many motherfuckers so I'm a hate everybody I can hate
and I don't give a fuck about nothin'
fuck-a-nigga, fuck-a-bitch let me get that straight
ain't no love I'm not ya blood or ya cuz nigga, bitch I'm a loner
I'm a asshole by nature you can get with that, or leave it at this bitch
the only company I need is weed
and since I'm nervous take my pager I'm a make you bleed indeed
I trust nothing-if I get a funny feeling I'm gon' be bustin'
plus if my blood rushing it'll be more then a concussion
from my [?] I see these red dots gonna cover you're brain
nigga I got problems I can't cope-with murder scene to keep me sane
one love, to my nigga Moe, and one love to my nigga Redd
and one love, to my mothafuckin bread I'm a get that!