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Razor Blade



Hold up nigga, what's this
What you want me to get you, a wing dinner or something
Man where is Ro, so he could make it rain in this bitch

I'm gon' get this paper, everyday
And I don't give a fuck, what them haters say
Alligators with eyes Bulgari's, and a taper fade
If I must say so, I'm sharper than a razor blade

I live in Platinum City, that's where I pay my rent
Hell yeah I'm throwing money, while you pay my bitch
Hell naw I ain't a trick, just working my wrist
Mama I'm a serial killer, she can murder my dick
But I ain't paying for it, I'm just making it rain
I hope she got insurance, I'm bout to bang up her frame
Hurricaning in the club, breaking up your rain
Like Splinter Cell, or magnum I'm changing up the game
Throughout the month, I'm in and out of different time zones
He a Cricket, King of the Ghetto a IPhone
Look like the Atlantic Ocean, on top of my dome
My dick a car seat, that's all your woman ride on
Buckle up he a minute man, I go a couple hours
When I'm finished with her, she gon' need a couple showers
Call it a black pap smear, I'm bout to shove it down her
That go for her, and all them bad ass bitches around her yeah


If you ain't a freak like Ro, you need to let it be known
So I don't waste time trying to fuck, pull out my dick and just let it be blown
I even got a bitch on Facebook, hating on me
Thought I was coming back, she mad still waiting on me
To deal with her, if she showed a little patience fo' me
I ain't tripping, it's so many bitches that get naked fo' me
She make mo' in one night, than you make in a month
That's why you mad at her, she a pound and you a blunt
If you were sexy you would dance, hoe don't even front
Mad cause don't nobody want you, gotta play with your cunt
I'm Jacoby Jones, I don't know how to miss a pass
Plus I'm Dave Chappelle, I don't know how to kiss a ass
Yeah, and even if I tried
I could never fall off, too much money on my mind


She think I'm draped, I'm the best she ever had
But I can't giver her no money, so if she ever ask
You already know I'ma laugh at her, I'm a playa
A Papa Reu with my money, I put it in the air
I'm thinking beat up the pussy, you thinking when to pay her
You put it in her hand, I'ma put it in her hair
I'm on the 19th flo', so I'ma send her there
She can even start without me, long as she pretend I'm there
Pussy is my priority, acronym for pimp
He need his leg broke, that's why he walking with a limp
It's been a damn good year, so where the blimp
Handcuff your bitch or lose her bro, all she need is a glimpse
Of all the places I been, and the places I'm gon' go
You can buy a car, with all the ones I don't roll
My hoes street walkers, ain't nowhere that they won't go
And they check over ten thousand a night, but I want mo'