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Lambo Dis Summer

waka flocka flame

My trap going ham, my trap doing numbers
My niggas going ham, my niggas doing numbers
Man I'm going ham, man I'm doing numbers
I'm tryna buy a Lamborghini this summer [x5]

[Verse 1: Southside]
Whip the work harder, I'm a make it bump
I got that stanky pack, shawty yeah that straight funk
Stupid loud pack, I let it holla out
No this ain't a closing service but it still shout
My trap boomed out, that's my boom house
My spot getting hot, it's time to move out
I mean my whip stupid, but I want something dumber
I want the Lambo, but I'm a buy slug the hummer
Bitch I got that check, so what the [?] model
One thing about it baby girl don't miss the lotto
Triple striped swag, yeah I rock Adidas
Please don't take me for a college boy, I keep the heater


[Verse 2: Waka Flocka]
Young niggas this (What), young nigga that (Flocka!)
Southside and Waka Flocka bringing young niggas back
Drop top Lambo wheel, man I'm a be the shit
Check out my necklace, that shit look ridiculous
Moving pounds and shit, got this young niggas rich
Yellow diamonds, excuse my earrings, this that [?] shit
We on that blood shit, this that young nigga clique
Down south gutta music, shawty that's the fucking movement
To them niggas rocking Polo, get that man off your chest
I be stunting, I be flexing with them butterflies
Now she choosing me
Now she, now she choosing me
I'm a real top dog, getting reels of that money