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zola jesus

Do you wonder
What we’ll become?
And you know
When the fire burns down
It takes us all
And moves us closer to somewhere now
Is there nothing left
Of the great divide?
Is there nothing left?
Just a hole inside
That will become
The only security
That will become
The understatement

Is there nothing left?
Only a whisper, darlin’
Is there nothing left
Of the feeling
Moments behind
The light?
The powers that take you on
The fight
It moves around us
Oh, it causes a stir
I wanna feel the fang
Of ordinary worth

Is there nothing left
Of this mess we made?
Is there nothing left
Of the love I gave?
And I know
In the end it never shows
So I wait
Until we’re forgiven
I wanna run
Until I can't feel it
I wanna scream
Until I can’t hear it
I wanna go
Until I never stop